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All steps of the enrollment process must be completed before enrollment will be offered. Completion/starting the enrollment process is not a guarantee of enrollment. In order to be successful in a blended learning school, students must be self-motivated and need to plan to spend the equivalent of a full school day, five days a week, actively working on coursework.  If the student is not disciplined and organized, or if the student requires the face-to-face interaction that a traditional classroom provides, full-time online learning may not be the best schooling option. Students who have a history of not being able to independently complete schoolwork in a regular school setting generally will require a greater amount of support in order to succeed in an online school, which requires higher levels of a self-discipline and a self-motivation than traditional schools. While instructors and fellow students provide support, the online learner is expected to manage his or her own learning during the course of study and advocate for their needs. Please carefully consider whether or not online learning will be a good fit for the student before following the enrollment steps below.  Next steps: A member of the Elevation enrollment team will reach out to you via the email address above. The steps of the enrollment process include:
  • Elevation will email parent and student about further process and confirmation of an enrollment decision
  • If enrollment is offered, successful completion of district enrollment or transfer process will need to be completed
Students must continue to attend their current school until all steps in the enrollment process are complete through Elevation.

If Accepted students will be approved through the highest grade level for that school as long as the student meets the continuing enrollment criteria-Policy JFBA found below. Continued Enrollment Criteria for all students unless: The student is expelled from the school or program; The student’s continued participation in the school requires the District to make alterations in the structure of the school or to the arrangement or function of rooms; There is a lack of space or teaching staff; The school does not offer appropriate programs or is not equipped or staffed to meet the special needs of the student; The school does not offer a program requested by the student; The student does not meet established eligibility criteria; A desegregation plan is in effect and denial of continued enrollment is necessary to comply with the plan; The student does not maintain an attendance rate greater than 90%; The student does not follow the school policy for on-time arrival to and/or departure from school; The student has more than 1 out-of-school suspension each year; The high school student is not on track to graduate on time.
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